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Mackinac Island Gift Cards
Edible Corporate Gifts from Ryba's Mackinac Island Fudge

Create Thoughtful Custom Corporate Gifts

Express your gratitude with a touch of sweetness through Ryba’s corporate gifting options! Whether showing appreciation to employees, vendors, clients, coworkers, teachers, or guests, Ryba’s Mackinac Island Fudge offers a fresh slice of delight. From creamy fudge in mouth-watering flavors to sweet and savory toffee, crunchy caramel corn, and buttery brittles – our handcrafted Michigan-made sweet treats are a gift everyone will enjoy.

With a variety of custom gift baskets and fudge flavors to choose from, Ryba’s makes gift-giving simple, affordable, and memorable. We specialize in custom corporate gift orders and conveniently ship directly to your desired destinations – whether it’s your home, office, or everyone on your mailing list!

Ryba’s is a thoughtful and delicious way to share a slice of handcrafted Michigan tradition. Elevate your event tables or gift bags with our quarter-pound fudge boxes, serving as a delightful token of appreciation. Enhance your corporate gifts by adding fresh half-pound slices of delicious Mackinac Island Fudge. Personalize your gifts by providing us with your business cards or a personal note to include with each gift box on your list. Let Ryba’s help you share a slice of sweetness with those who matter most.

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Ryba’s Makes Corporate Gifting EFFORTLESS

With a diverse array of custom corporate gift baskets and fudge slice options, Ryba’s simplifies gift-giving, ensuring it’s both affordable and unforgettable. Our gift boxes are always a hit, whether it’s for employee recognition, traditional Christmas gifts, or high-end business gifts. We offer gourmet options to suit any budget, and all orders over $75 qualify for free shipping!

Does Your Order Qualify for FREE Shipping?

✓ Orders over $75, the entire order shipped to a single address, enjoy complimentary shipping.
✓ For orders shipped to individual addresses, free shipping applies to each order over $75 to each address. Shipping costs for orders under $75 will be calculated at checkout.
✓ If you are sending to more than 25 addresses, this is a bulk order and all bulk orders receive FREE shipping!

Personalized Corporate Gifts

Add a personalized flourish to your corporate gifts by including your business card or a thank-you note. We’ll ensure it accompanies every order!

Add a Slice to your Corporate Gift Baskets, Welcome Bag, or Event Table

Enhance any corporate occasion with handcrafted Mackinac Island Fudge from Ryba’s! Incorporate individually boxed fudge slices into your corporate gift baskets or have them on hand for clients, employees, and guests. Our quarter-pound fudge boxes are a perfect, cost-effective way to show appreciation at your event tables or in gift bags.

How to Ship Your Ryba’s Order to Multiple Addresses

Shipping your Ryba’s order to multiple addresses is a breeze:

  1. Add desired items to your cart and proceed to checkout as usual until you reach the shipping section.
  2. Next, choose between shipping to less than 25 addresses or more than 25 addresses. This step determines whether you are placing a multiple-address order or a bulk order.
  3. For less than 25 addresses
    1. Select Ship to Multiple Addresses (less than 25) and click the Organize Addresses button.
    2. Fill in all of your shipping addresses and click the Save Address button when you’re done.
    3. This will direct you to the page where you select which product, quantity, and address you want each gift to be sent to.
    4. When you are done, click Save Addresses and Continue to be brought back to the checkout page where you can review your work and continue the checkout process as usual.
  4. To ship your order to over 25 addresses:
      1. Selecting Ship to Multiple Addresses (more than 25).
      2. Next, click on the DOWNLOAD XLS TEMPLATE to download our handy Excel template.
      3. Then, fill out ALL the necessary shipping details on the Excel file before uploading it to our website using the Upload A File button.
      4. Review your order and complete checkout as usual.

    Questions About Custom Corporate Gifts?

    Please email us at INFO@RYBA.COM or call us directly at 800-447-9227. We’re here to help!

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