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Shipping to multiple addresses is currently available for orders placed through our site. We are happy to help if you require additional assistance with multiple shipping address orders and corporate gifting arrangements. Contact us here.

Absolutely! We can help you send corporate gifts to clients across the country or as a ‘just because’ to your aunt with the sweet tooth. Ryba’s Mackinac Island Fudge makes the perfect gift for every occasion.

Our online shop allows shipping to single or multiple locations. Personalization is also available upon checkout; mark that it’s a gift, and you’ll have the option to include a free message. We even gift wrap for a small fee.

Volume discounts and easy bulk ordering are available for corporate gift-giving. Visit our Corporate Gifting page for more information.

Yes! Click here for bulk Business and Corporate Gifting or here for Event Favors perfect for dessert tables, welcome bags, thank-you gifts, and wedding favors.

Nope! Our fudge is handcrafted and carefully packed after being thoroughly cooked, ensuring that your fudge remains nice and smooth (and solid), even when shipping it to warmer locales. 

The only exception is our vegan fudge which has a much lower melting temperature. We offer it in limited edition batches throughout the year, and it is readily available in the cooler months. Be sure to sign up for 906 Rewards to receive email notifications of when it’ll be available for shipment.

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Fudge is a perishable delight, and its longevity depends on how it’s stored. For optimal freshness, we recommend consuming your fudge within ten days of purchase. Excessive exposure to air can cause the fudge to dry out slightly, just trim the dried edges, and the inside will still be creamy and delicious. If you have the willpower to save your fudge for later, wrap it tight in heavy wax paper or freezer wrap and pop it in the freezer for up to six months. When you’re ready to indulge again, allow it a bit of thawing time, and it’ll be as delightful as the day you first savored its sweet embrace.

Fudge is perishable. Consume within ten days of purchase. If you expose fudge to too much air, it will start to dry out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it. Trim the dried edges, and the inside will still be creamy and delicious. If you have the willpower to save your fudge for later, wrap it up nice and tight in heavy wax paper or freezer wrap and pop it in the freezer for up to six months. After a bit of thawing time, it’ll be good as gold.

At Ryba’s, we love creating new and exciting Mackinac Island fudge flavors to tantalize your taste buds. Our commitment to handcrafted perfection shines through in every batch.

From timeless classics like German Chocolate and Michigan Cherry Chocolate to modern favorites like dairy-free vegan chocolate, we’re always delivering your favorites and adding something new to try. With a classic line-up of six original flavors that never go out of style, plus delightful holiday favorites that add a festive touch, you’ll want to make it a habit to drop by regularly and see which flavors we’re shipping.

For an in-depth exploration of our mouthwatering offerings, visit our Flavors page. To stay in the loop on our ever-changing seasonal delights, don’t forget to sign up for our 906 Rewards Club and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Get ready to embark on a sweet journey of flavor discovery at Ryba’s!

If you’re hoping for your fudge to arrive by a specific date, you can specify this in the “Order Notes” at checkout. If your delivery date is longer than three days from your order date, we may choose to delay the processing and shipment of your order so that your fudge and other sweet treats arrive as fresh as possible. Our online ordering system requires us to charge your credit card at the time of your order, even if the shipment is requested for a later date. But don’t worry; we’ll process your order accordingly and have your delicious fudge headed your way when you want it.

We use the traditional ingredients of cream, sugar, corn syrup, palm kernel oil, and salt when making most of our fudge flavors. (Our vegan fudge does not contain any dairy.) For our chocolate flavors, occasionally we use chocolate that contains soy lecithin. We add nuts and other ingredients to create our menu of fudge flavors.

Every flavor of fudge, except for Oreo, is gluten-free.

All our fudge is made in-house in our Ryba’s shops, where we handle walnuts, pecans, cashews, and peanuts. While we take careful precautions to avoid any allergy contamination, we cannot guarantee that any flavor is entirely free of traces of nuts.

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At Ryba’s Fudge Shops, our standards are impeccably high. If your order doesn’t live up to our quality standards for freshness, taste, and texture, we’ll gladly help replace it. If there is an occasion when you’re dissatisfied with your fudge, please get in touch with us right away at or 800.447.9227.

All orders are final. We are unable to change, modify or cancel orders, please make sure everything is correct before placing your order.


Shipping is available to addresses within the 48 continental United States. We process and ship orders within 24 hours of being placed, Monday through Friday OR on the shipping date you’ve chosen while placing your online order.

It’s important to us for your Mackinac Island Fudge to arrive fresh and delicious. Unfortunately, we do not ship outside of the contiguous United States since we can’t guarantee that it’ll arrive at the level of quality you deserve.

While our preferred carrier is USPS, we reserve the right to ship with another carrier as necessary. When your package is prepared for shipping, you will receive detailed tracking information via email. If you cannot find your shipping information, please check your junk, spam, or bulk folder.

We offer free USPS Priority Mail Shipping. To qualify for free shipping, your order must be over $75 after any discounts have been applied to one delivery address.

During peak season or holidays, we are not responsible for further delays on behalf of the shipping carrier. The standard lead time from order to shipment is 3 to 5 days. This could be extended or shortened depending on season and demand. Lead times allow maximum quality and ensure that your fudge is as fresh as possible upon arrival.

To discuss expedited shipping options, please email us.

Here at Ryba’s, we love holidays. Gathering with family and friends, eating good food, watching football, getting outside, and the list goes on. Our favorite fudge and sweet treats are the perfect addition to every holiday gathering. And they always top the list for ‘favorite gift received.’

Like everyone else, we expect the holiday shipping season to be busy. So, to get you your holiday goodies, give yourself (and us!) some extra time. Fudge is a perishable food product, be sure not to ship too early. A good rule of thumb is to choose a shipping date no less than three weekdays prior to the day you’d like your package to arrive. 

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Mackinac Island is best known for its delicious fudge. Visitors from across the globe come to sample some of the finest fudge creations, savoring each decadent bite as they explore the island’s charming streets and scenic vistas. At Ryba’s Fudge Shops, we invite you to indulge in this timeless tradition that has captivated taste buds for generations. Order now and treat yourself to a slice of fudgie paradise!

A delightful tidbit about Mackinac Island fudge is the endearing nickname bestowed upon its visitors: “Fudgies.” Coined by none other than Harry Ryba himself in the 1960s, this affectionate term reflects the warm hospitality and jovial spirit of Mackinac Island. As tourists explore the island’s picturesque landscape and indulge in its sweet offerings, they proudly embrace the title of “Fudgies,” joining a cherished tradition that adds a touch of whimsy to their Mackinac experience. So, next time you find yourself on Mackinac Island, wear the title of “Fudgie” with pride as you delight in the island’s irresistible fudge creations from Ryba’s Fudge Shops!

Mackinac Island, Michigan is celebrated for its fresh, handcrafted fudge, attracting visitors far and wide. Situated in the picturesque waters of Lake Huron, near the iconic Mackinac Bridge, this charming island has earned its reputation for crafting exceptional hand-made fudge. The island’s temperate climate, with warm summers and no dry season, provides the perfect conditions for fudge making, resulting in a distinctively rich and creamy texture that captivates the taste buds. With a tradition dating back generations, Mackinac Island’s fudge artisans have perfected their craft, ensuring that each batch is a delightful indulgence that embodies the essence of this enchanting destination.

What sets Mackinac Island fudge apart is its distinct taste and texture, crafted in a unique environment that contributes to its exceptional quality. Mackinac Island’s temperate climate creates the perfect conditions for fudge making. This environment allows for a creamier texture and richer flavor profile that distinguishes Mackinac Island fudge from fudge made elsewhere. Additionally, the island’s longstanding tradition of artisanal craftsmanship and commitment to using premium ingredients ensures that each batch of fudge is a masterpiece of flavor and quality. So, when you bite into a piece of Mackinac Island fudge, you’re not just tasting a treat – you’re experiencing a true culinary delight perfected over generations by the Ryba family.

Our rich family history spills over into our unique recipes and onto the marble slab. Ryba’s makes a superior fudge, offering superb flavor and a creamy texture. From our family to yours, it fills us with pride to share our legacy of Michigan-made handcrafted Mackinac Island Fudge. Visit our online shop to see what sweet treats inspire you.

Look no further than Mackinac Island, Michigan, for the world’s finest fudge! Renowned for its unparalleled freshness and exceptional flavor, Mackinac Island’s fudge has garnered a global reputation that attracts fudge enthusiasts from far and wide. With its rich tradition of craftsmanship and commitment to quality, Mackinac Island sets the standard for fudge excellence, captivating the taste buds of visitors from across the globe. Indulge in the irresistible allure of Mackinac Island fudge and experience a taste sensation like no other.

Harry Ryba, the visionary founder of Ryba’s Mackinac Island Fudge, established a legacy of creamy, delectable fudge. Recognized by its signature pink boxes and storefronts, Ryba’s continues to delight thousands of eager tourists annually.

Our marble tables are an essential part of the fudge-making process at Ryba’s. Marble naturally absorbs heat, making it the perfect surface to cream and cool our fudge. During the day, we rotate between 3-4 tables to ensure the marble has enough time to cool between batches. Regardless, the marble will heat up slowly during the day as it absorbs in the heat from each batch of fudge.

The ideal starting point for the marble each morning is as close to the surrounding air temperature as we can manage. If the marble begins too cold, the stone can “shock” the fudge and cause it to cool and set up unevenly. Since the night air is generally much colder than during the day, electric blankets keep the marble slabs at the correct temperature throughout the night so we can start right back to making the creamiest fudge on Mackinac Island in the morning.

Before we close the store each night, we slip low-powered electric blankets onto the marble fudge tables we intend to use the next morning. This does not heat the tables but rather maintains the heat present in the marble so each morning starts with lukewarm slabs. With the magic of this seemingly simple innovation, our fudge sets up evenly every time!

Though we love our nearby neighbors to the north, the whole international shipping/customs thing sure puts a wrench in any possible fudge supply chain. Long delivery times and border delays don’t mesh well with our perishable products. So instead, we’ll have to wait until we see our Canadian friends in person on Mackinac Island.

Mackinac Island’s transition from its fur trading and military origins in the mid-19th century to a vacation destination sparked its fame for sweets, notably maple sugar. As the sweet treats on Mackinac evolved, it was discovered that Mackinac Island had the ideal climate for making fudge, which captivated the hearts and taste buds of visitors.

Mackinac Island Fudge is renowned for its exceptional taste and quality due to a combination of factors. The island’s unique climate provides an ideal environment for fudge making, resulting in a creamy texture and rich flavor that sets it apart. Additionally, Mackinac Island has a long-standing tradition of fudge craftsmanship, with artisans honing their skills over generations to create delectable treats using time-tested techniques. This dedication to quality and tradition ensures that each bite of Mackinac Island fudge delivers an unforgettable taste experience, making it truly exceptional.

We do not include receipts or invoices with gift orders. The receipt is sent to the email listed on the order.