Fudgemaking Experience


Experience the magic of handcrafting fudge with Ryba’s Fudge Shops, where tradition meets confectionary delight. Immerse yourself in a hands-on fudge experience by participating in the time-honored process firsthand.

Discover the artistry, science, skill, and muscle required to perfect this sweet treat. Pour, mix, flip, and shape the fudge, creating your very own chocolate fudge loaf. The fudge experience at Ryba’s Fudge Shops is more than a culinary adventure. It’s an opportunity to handcraft sweet memories together.

After immersing yourself in the fudge-making process, you’ll have the chance to take home your creation—a delicious memento of your Mackinac Island experience. Whether you savor the fudge yourself or share it with friends and family, each bite will transport you back to the moment you crafted it.

Whether you’re a devoted fudge enthusiast or simply seeking a unique and enjoyable activity, the hands-on fudge experience at Ryba’s Fudge Shops promises fun and a delectable taste of nostalgia.

Our exclusive package offers a 30-minute private and personalized fudge-making experience tailored for up to four people. Each participant in your party will receive three mouthwatering fudge slices from the freshly crafted loaf. And that’s not all – indulge in a souvenir “Ryba’s Fudgie” bag filled with sweet swag. Availability varies, so our team will contact you once you place your order to schedule your visit. Don’t miss out on this sweet opportunity. Book your unforgettable fudge experience today! 

gluten free except oreo
Our Flavors

We handcraft 21 Flavors of decadently delicious Mackinac Island fudge. Pick your favorite and order online. Flavor availability varies.

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